Monday, March 26, 2012

Glaze test #4

Hello!!!! I'm sorry I had to take time away from this project, I really am! Anywoo. I'm back! The glazes I'm sharing tonight, are ones that I am in love with. The first one is a Tom Bartel glaze, its a crawl glaze, so it's kind of like the lichen glazes I had shared before, and the other I think I've already shared, the green one on top of the lichen glaze. Tom's crawl glaze is much like the lichen glaze, if you put it on to thick, it will pop off a vertical surface, but if you put it on a flat surface, it will spread out while staying on the flat surface. When I tested this, I put the crawl glaze on thick and let it do it's thing, then I added a top glaze after it had been fired. The results that I got from this testing were AWESOME! The Tom Bartel glaze underneath the top glaze almost looks like its just a shell of the glaze, but its not, and the top glaze almost has a hint of brown in it, even though there is no brown in the glaze.


Tom's Crawl Cone 04
Borax- 3.9
Gerstley- 46.5
Magnesium Carb.- 3.1
EPK- 18.6
Add: Zircopax- 5.4

Hirsh Satin Matt Cone 04-02
Gerstley- 32
Lithium- 9
Whiting- 17
Neph. Sy.- 4
EPK- 4
Silica- 35
Add: Bentonite- 2
Use stain 6485-5

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