Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New work!

Hello!!! I just unloaded the kiln and pulled some fantastic pieces out of the kiln. They are still so hot they are pinging away! every time one of them pings it scares me, I keep thinking that.... never mind don't jinx it! Anyways here are some pictures of what came out of the kiln! I prayed to the kiln Gods for a perfect outcome. Thank you kiln Gods!!!
I was going to put faces on top of these, glad I have since deiced against that one!! A lot of work wen into these. 
I think I am going to keep this one! It's my favorite!! 

Details of the three. 
This is the large platter that I have been working on! I am going to glue flowers onto parts of the hair.  
Bird vase series that I am working on!!! Stay tuned with these! Glazing them today! I am really excited about these. 

Anyways, I guess I am just really really really excited about the new work that came out of the kiln tonight! I am going to fire again later today. The vases are going into the craft shop which opens Friday! As for the others I am delivering them to TRAC on Wednesday.The pieces that are going to TRAC are going to be part of the studio tour exhibit. I will post pictures of bowls and the finished vases on Wednesday! 
Stay tuned! and thank you for reading. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Studio Tour

    My shelves are bare!! It is kind of creepy to have them so bare! I took work today down to the craft shop and the shelves are bare. The craft shop opens Friday May 3! I am hoping to finish glazing work to bring in on Wednesday the first. I have to finish putting clear glaze on some bowls and then I have to glaze my vases, if I have any other bisque work I will try to glaze and fire it!
   I am currently in the process of getting ready for studio tour. When I tell people that I am working on stuff for studio tour, they always seemed so surprised!! June will be here before we know it! Plus, it takes me so long to decorate stuff anyways. I should have started two months ago, but... 
Stay tuned! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lots going on in the studio

There is a lot of good stuff going on in my studio right now! It makes me happy. I have stayed pretty much consistently busy for the past several months, making new work, firing it, and getting it into galleries, then once everything is out of the studio I'm making more and more work!
     Right now I am working on four pieces for this exhibit, and I'm relatively happy with the way they are coming along, glazing wise. I hope they will look cool once finished. My plan is to hang them in my studio before taking them to TRAC, just to see what they will look like. The three round pieces I might have to hang myself, we will see. The other day I started making vases and I am using bird imagery which is something I haven't done, EVER! And I really like the way they look. I have posted some images on my Facebook page. Four of them are kind of going to be like a mini series, I am playing with the idea of multiples and working within a series. I think it will be really fun to be working this way. I have also made some vases that are domed, they look like pills, so I am calling them my pill vases. I love the form I am just not really sure about how to glaze them, or put imagery on them. Again I will post pictures on Facebook.
     I am trying to get work together to put in the craft shop for when we reopen on May 3! Actually I have the work I just need to put a clear glaze on them. I also need to finish some platters that I want to put in the shop. I need to be making work for other galleries as well, I just don't know when I will find the time to do so.
    I am sitting here tonight in my studio with a list that I made for studio tour and what I am wanting to have for it, making little notes here and there. Deleting items adding items so on and so forth. I keep telling myself that I am going to start on studio tour months in advance, but it never really seems to work that way :(. Studio tour is the second weekend in June, and I have a long list of stuff I want to make. Fingers crossed! As soon as the tour is over I have three months until my next show, which is the Bakersville Creekwalk Festival, a show that I did last year and had fun. But the getting ready part sucked! But, I did make everything that I had on my list, so.
     Anyways that is my rant for the night, I guess I have a lot on my mind.
Stay Tuned and check out my Facebook page, Tria Turrou Studios. "like me" please.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My firing worked!

I opened the kiln this morning afraid of what I was going to find, and as I lifted the top shelf, I breathed a sigh of relief!, top shelf with ingredient bowls is fine! As I made my way further down into the kiln I was thanking the kiln gods for a successful firing! I went to bed last night kind of stressing out about the kiln, wondering if I was going to freak out and have a really really bad day, but I don't think it will be a bad day!
More later. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is there a plan B?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! So last night, I was drying some things in the kiln and STUPID me left the bottom on medium ALL NIGHT! I am making work for the studio tour exhibit and that is what is in the kiln! I am hoping for a perfect outcome, I am praying to the kiln gods that everything  will come out and be okay!
I did just peep into the kiln and everything looked fine!! My fingers are crossed that everything is alright. Because there is no plan B! I didn't think of that, usually I have another plan but this time I didn't think to!
Thanks for reading! Stay tuned :) 

Monday, April 15, 2013

So... I have been trying to finish up some stuff for my upcoming firing. Make heads for a piece that I am working on for the Studio Tour exhibit(something I should have done when I started the piece), finish decorating ingredient bowls, finish up some platters that I keep obsessing over, you know stuff like that. 
I am going to try to write something on my blog everyday, I know I have said that before, but this time I mean it! I will keep ya'll updated on the happenings in my studio!
Stay tuned! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back to blogging!

Hey party people!!! I am back!! I took time off I know! But, I'm back! I think. I have been busy in the studio making some really awesome work! I have been playing with some molds I made for bowls and I'm making platters! Really fun ones too. 

These are the platters I've been working on! They are really fun to make and fun to decorate! I'm just using my imagination to decorate! I have also been making bowls and plates! Totally different from the platters of course. I think the bowls and plates are tame compared to my platters. 
These are some of my newest plates. Really fun to make, but maybe not as fun as the platters. 
I am going to try to keep up with this blog! I am going to try to make it like a daily diary of what is going on in my studio. 
Stay tuned!