Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glaze test #2

Here's the second glaze test. And I realize that yesterdays posting had three glazes, but... So here is the second glaze test. This is one that I have just started using. Its a lichen glaze! And I love it!!!!! I put it on a bowl surface, and it rocks! I have also used it on sculptural bodies. I found that when using this glaze on a white clay body that it stains the clay blue. So I've been using it on red clay. That's with the copper in the glaze. The more times you fire this glaze, the cooler the effect. When I used it on a sculptural piece, that it's best to put a thin layer of nepheline syenite, to prevent flaking in the kiln.


MNO lichen Cone 06
Borax- 25
Lithium- 9
Magnesium Carb.- 39
Frit 3134- 3
Neph. Sy.- 24
Add: Bentonite- 3
Copper Carb.- 5
*For white MNO lichen, leave out the copper.

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