Thursday, March 22, 2012

Glaze test #3

For those who are counting, this is glaze test number 3! Well actually its glaze test number eight, its another one of those two and one things. But that's not the point! Both of these glazes I have used and have had excellent results! The first glaze is the MNO lichen while the other is a glaze is a fantastic matt glaze. I found both online. I first put the lichen glaze down and fired it, then I put the matt glaze on top. When I put the matt glaze on top, the parts of the lichen that came through the matt, turned brown!

MNO Lichen Cone 06
Borax- 25
Lithium- 9
Magnesium Carb.- 39
Frit 3134- 3
Neph. Sy.- 24
Add: Bentonite- 3
Copper Carb.- 5
*I used this without the copper

Hirsh Satin Matt Cone 04-02
Gerstley- 32
Lithium- 9
Whiting- 17
Neph. Sy.- 4
EPK- 4
Silica- 35
Add: Bentonite- 2
For Green- Chrome Oxide- 1

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