Monday, April 2, 2012

Glaze test #5

Hello!!!!!!! Again I am sorry for not posting anything for a while!!! For some reason it's hard for me to remember to do this everyday! Anyways. I have another glaze test to share with ya'll! This one comes from Lana Wilson! It's a really cool glaze! I think its best to use on sculptural works rather then on functional, in that its rough. I did this on two bodies of clay, a white and a red. The white, I put a thin application on and with the red, I did a very thick application. The glaze is called a chartreuse moss. You can kind of see the chartreuse under all the other colors in the glaze. This glaze should be brushed on, it goes on really well if brushed on. I really like the look of this glaze!


Lana Wilson's Chartreuse Moss Cone 06
Lithium 80
Silica 15
Gerstley 5
Tin Oxide 7
Chrome Oxide 3

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