Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lots going on!

Hi. Remember me? I used to blog a lot, but then I got lazy!!!!!!!! Any ways. I'm going to start this again! (hopefully) and keep you all who read this up to date on what I'm doing in the studio!!!!! Lets see where to began? In May I finished school!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ended up with my Associate in Fine Arts Degree!!! I'm very very very glad to be finished with school! now I can devote all my time to my studio!!! And that is what I have been doing! I've been working and creating some awesome work, that I'm really happy with! It's bright and colorful and oh yeah the writing on those bowls is out of my journal. Don't worry, its hard to read since its backwards!!!!!!! I recently started doing that, to add a personal touch. Plus I think it looks really cool!!!!!!!!!!! I'm using underglazes mostly in my work now, I like how bright they are when you've added the clear glaze to them or even before. I'm still using regular glazes but I am curently in LOVE with my underglazes!!!!!!!! I am doing a show towards the end of this month in Bakersville!!!!!!!!! September 22! I would love if people came by and saw me!!!!!!!!!!! I will have almost all new work for this show, this is a one day show and from what I hear, its a really really good show!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been to this show so I'm feeling a little nervous about it!!!!!!! Anyways please come out to this show!!!!!!! My booth number is 22! Ha! 10-5pm Saturday September 22! See ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Glaze test #5

Hello!!!!!!! Again I am sorry for not posting anything for a while!!! For some reason it's hard for me to remember to do this everyday! Anyways. I have another glaze test to share with ya'll! This one comes from Lana Wilson! It's a really cool glaze! I think its best to use on sculptural works rather then on functional, in that its rough. I did this on two bodies of clay, a white and a red. The white, I put a thin application on and with the red, I did a very thick application. The glaze is called a chartreuse moss. You can kind of see the chartreuse under all the other colors in the glaze. This glaze should be brushed on, it goes on really well if brushed on. I really like the look of this glaze!


Lana Wilson's Chartreuse Moss Cone 06
Lithium 80
Silica 15
Gerstley 5
Tin Oxide 7
Chrome Oxide 3

Monday, March 26, 2012

Glaze test #4

Hello!!!! I'm sorry I had to take time away from this project, I really am! Anywoo. I'm back! The glazes I'm sharing tonight, are ones that I am in love with. The first one is a Tom Bartel glaze, its a crawl glaze, so it's kind of like the lichen glazes I had shared before, and the other I think I've already shared, the green one on top of the lichen glaze. Tom's crawl glaze is much like the lichen glaze, if you put it on to thick, it will pop off a vertical surface, but if you put it on a flat surface, it will spread out while staying on the flat surface. When I tested this, I put the crawl glaze on thick and let it do it's thing, then I added a top glaze after it had been fired. The results that I got from this testing were AWESOME! The Tom Bartel glaze underneath the top glaze almost looks like its just a shell of the glaze, but its not, and the top glaze almost has a hint of brown in it, even though there is no brown in the glaze.


Tom's Crawl Cone 04
Borax- 3.9
Gerstley- 46.5
Magnesium Carb.- 3.1
EPK- 18.6
Add: Zircopax- 5.4

Hirsh Satin Matt Cone 04-02
Gerstley- 32
Lithium- 9
Whiting- 17
Neph. Sy.- 4
EPK- 4
Silica- 35
Add: Bentonite- 2
Use stain 6485-5

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glaze sharing will resume Monday

Hello! It has been a couple of crazy whacked out days! Having said that, My little glaze sharing project I'm working on will pick up again on Monday! So until then please enjoy this song by the Submarines!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games

Hello All! So tonight I will not be posting anything as I am going to see The Hunger Games!!!!! I will post again tomorrow! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Glaze test #3

For those who are counting, this is glaze test number 3! Well actually its glaze test number eight, its another one of those two and one things. But that's not the point! Both of these glazes I have used and have had excellent results! The first glaze is the MNO lichen while the other is a glaze is a fantastic matt glaze. I found both online. I first put the lichen glaze down and fired it, then I put the matt glaze on top. When I put the matt glaze on top, the parts of the lichen that came through the matt, turned brown!

MNO Lichen Cone 06
Borax- 25
Lithium- 9
Magnesium Carb.- 39
Frit 3134- 3
Neph. Sy.- 24
Add: Bentonite- 3
Copper Carb.- 5
*I used this without the copper

Hirsh Satin Matt Cone 04-02
Gerstley- 32
Lithium- 9
Whiting- 17
Neph. Sy.- 4
EPK- 4
Silica- 35
Add: Bentonite- 2
For Green- Chrome Oxide- 1

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Glaze tests

Hello! So tonight I will not be posting a glaze recipe! This little project will resume tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Glaze test #2

Here's the second glaze test. And I realize that yesterdays posting had three glazes, but... So here is the second glaze test. This is one that I have just started using. Its a lichen glaze! And I love it!!!!! I put it on a bowl surface, and it rocks! I have also used it on sculptural bodies. I found that when using this glaze on a white clay body that it stains the clay blue. So I've been using it on red clay. That's with the copper in the glaze. The more times you fire this glaze, the cooler the effect. When I used it on a sculptural piece, that it's best to put a thin layer of nepheline syenite, to prevent flaking in the kiln.


MNO lichen Cone 06
Borax- 25
Lithium- 9
Magnesium Carb.- 39
Frit 3134- 3
Neph. Sy.- 24
Add: Bentonite- 3
Copper Carb.- 5
*For white MNO lichen, leave out the copper.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Glaze test #1

Alright. Over the next eleven days I will be posting my glaze tests and sharing my recipes with all of you!

This first one, I did up at Penland back in 2010. The piece that the glazes are on was made in a press mold, then I added to it. The clay body in which I used was a paper clay put out by Laguna. When the piece was fired, I went into action and put a series of glazes on the piece. With most of my pieces, if not all of them, I put a black underglaze on, then sponge it off. That is what I did with this piece. Then I added the glaze on the head, which is a Cristina Cordova glaze, balled black satin stone with Bogman's elephant on top. The mask, I did a wash of rutile, then sponged it off, then I put Ohio State Satin on top. The Screws are the same is what's on the head. When testing these I would try flipping the Bogman's Elephant and the Black Satin Stone, cause that's probably what I did. Happy testing!

Bogman's Elephant cone 04-05
Frit 3124- 40
EPK- 20
Cryolight- 40

Ohio State Satin cone 04-05
F-4- 48.8
Barium- 13.5
Whiting 13.5
Gerstley- 11.5
Silica- 10.4
Zinc Oxide- 4.2
OM4 Ball Clay- 2.3

Satin Stone Black cone 04-05
Frit 3124- 45
Gerstley- 10
Nepheline Syenite- 15
Talc- 5
Silica- 15
Whiting- 5
Rutile- 5
Maganese Dioxide- 6
Copper Carb. - 5
Red Iron Oxide- 2
Chrome Oxide- 1

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting the studio in order

Today here in Western North Carolina it is rainy! It is also spring! So in light of all that, I am taking the time to clean and organize the studio! I'm putting things away, cleaning off shelves. I spent some time getting notes together for my little glaze test share that I plan on doing! Looking at the glazes and making little notes about how the glaze worked for me. I need to take pictures. I'll start this little project on Monday!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Glaze test sharing

So I'm thinking about posting some pictures of some of my glaze tests and my results that I've gotten from them. When I took Cristina Cordova's class at Penland, I had fantastic glaze results! Results that others in the class tried to get.  So I think what I'm going to do is share some of my glaze results with everyone! I'll try to post at least one or two glaze tests in the next couple of days. I'll post a picture and maybe the notes from it, as well as the recipe.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


So I just opened and pulled stuff out of the kiln, and all I can say is WOW! Everything came out (almost).  Some of the cups that I've been working on, I'm having problems with, but other than that, everything came out! 

 Some of these wall pieces I'm working on, the hook part kind of broke, but its nothing I can't fix. I am going to add to the wall pieces, with layers of glaze. They should be pretty cool when they are finished. I hope, fingers crossed!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Every six months when Studio Tour rolls around, I rearrange the studio! But it has not been six months since the last Studio Tour, and I'm already rearranging! What! Because of all this rearranging, I think I have a place to put the dart board that I found two years ago! I will also have a place to put a smallish kiln! (I hope). Just a side note, I am going to keep up with this thing! I promise!

Monday, March 12, 2012

New goings on

HI! It's been a long time since I've been here to write anything, I'm sorry. In the almost year that I have written anything, I have been producing lots of new and exciting work! Like this little guy, who is currently on sale at TRAC in Burnsville! I have also been making a little pottery, I'll post pictures once I'm satisfied with the results. I will try to write more as the days, months and years progress.