Monday, March 19, 2012

Glaze test #1

Alright. Over the next eleven days I will be posting my glaze tests and sharing my recipes with all of you!

This first one, I did up at Penland back in 2010. The piece that the glazes are on was made in a press mold, then I added to it. The clay body in which I used was a paper clay put out by Laguna. When the piece was fired, I went into action and put a series of glazes on the piece. With most of my pieces, if not all of them, I put a black underglaze on, then sponge it off. That is what I did with this piece. Then I added the glaze on the head, which is a Cristina Cordova glaze, balled black satin stone with Bogman's elephant on top. The mask, I did a wash of rutile, then sponged it off, then I put Ohio State Satin on top. The Screws are the same is what's on the head. When testing these I would try flipping the Bogman's Elephant and the Black Satin Stone, cause that's probably what I did. Happy testing!

Bogman's Elephant cone 04-05
Frit 3124- 40
EPK- 20
Cryolight- 40

Ohio State Satin cone 04-05
F-4- 48.8
Barium- 13.5
Whiting 13.5
Gerstley- 11.5
Silica- 10.4
Zinc Oxide- 4.2
OM4 Ball Clay- 2.3

Satin Stone Black cone 04-05
Frit 3124- 45
Gerstley- 10
Nepheline Syenite- 15
Talc- 5
Silica- 15
Whiting- 5
Rutile- 5
Maganese Dioxide- 6
Copper Carb. - 5
Red Iron Oxide- 2
Chrome Oxide- 1

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