Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lots going on!

Hi. Remember me? I used to blog a lot, but then I got lazy!!!!!!!! Any ways. I'm going to start this again! (hopefully) and keep you all who read this up to date on what I'm doing in the studio!!!!! Lets see where to began? In May I finished school!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ended up with my Associate in Fine Arts Degree!!! I'm very very very glad to be finished with school! now I can devote all my time to my studio!!! And that is what I have been doing! I've been working and creating some awesome work, that I'm really happy with! It's bright and colorful and oh yeah the writing on those bowls is out of my journal. Don't worry, its hard to read since its backwards!!!!!!! I recently started doing that, to add a personal touch. Plus I think it looks really cool!!!!!!!!!!! I'm using underglazes mostly in my work now, I like how bright they are when you've added the clear glaze to them or even before. I'm still using regular glazes but I am curently in LOVE with my underglazes!!!!!!!! I am doing a show towards the end of this month in Bakersville!!!!!!!!! September 22! I would love if people came by and saw me!!!!!!!!!!! I will have almost all new work for this show, this is a one day show and from what I hear, its a really really good show!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been to this show so I'm feeling a little nervous about it!!!!!!! Anyways please come out to this show!!!!!!! My booth number is 22! Ha! 10-5pm Saturday September 22! See ya!!!!!!!!!!!!