Saturday, April 30, 2011

These are some cups that have been sitting on my table for almost a month now! When I made them I had the plan of putting an image on them, I just wasn't 100% sure on what the finial image was going to be. Then i remembered that I had already used this image on another cup, and I remembered how cool it looked, so that's what I went for. While these cups are not quite finished they are going to have a hint of gold applied to them around the veil, and maybe repeating the gold along the sides of the image, we will see! I will post pictures once they are finished!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm starting up a facebook artist page!

Hey! I am proud to announce that I am setting up an artist page on Facebook! Tria Turrou Studios! While there is not much on it now, there will be! I'm still trying to figure out how the whole thing works, but I think I'm getting the hang of it!

Seeing Circles with colors

I have been working on this bowl, that I added circles to, using a transfer technique. I've been working on it for several days now, and I just can't seem to stop working on it! I added the circles and started adding color to them almost right away, at first I was only going to use three colors but, when I knew that wasn't going to work, I ended up using five or six colors. The bowl has a small hole in the middle where a ball is going to sit, the ball has a black and white design on both sides as well as color to both sides. The background is black which I'm hoping will make the colors really pop! While the bottom has a flower pattern on it, surrounded by a black outline. The color around everything is going to be red. Today I started carving the design on the bottom, I also added a black ring around the bottom of the stand that is holding the whole bowl up, that part I plan on also carving vertical lines. I am hoping to have some of these finished and ready in time for Studio Tour. I will post more pictures once this piece is finished!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Studio Tour is Coming! Are you ready? are you?

Hey you! Yeah you! Do you know what studios you are going to visit? Do you know where you going to spend the majority of you weekend? If so, then this is for you! Coming this June, the second weekend to be exact! Studio Tour is a gathering of Artists from all over Mitchell and Yancey Counties. This allows the public the opportunity to go where they want at their own convenience to the studios they want to see! There will be an exhibition at the Spruce Pine TRAC location on Friday June 10th from 5-7, this allows you the public to look at the work of all the participating artists work! It also allows for you the public to meet the artists. With almost less then a month and a half away Studio Tour is coming! and am I ready for it?! NO! I am hoping to have lots of awesome work for Studio Tour!!!! My studio will be open all that weekend from 12-4 on Friday and 10-6 Saturday and Sunday! So come on out and support local art! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Social Distortion - Still Alive

This is a really really awesome song! Listen to it! And you'll see just how awesome it is!

Work that's heading in a new direction

Lately I seem to be thinking about how to be more original in my newest body of work! So I made these lovely little cups! I am calling them barrel cups, in that they somewhat resemble a barrel on the bottom. I really like the scratching on part of the cup and the leaf pattern on another and the black and white design on the other side! I don't really know where I am going to go with these, but hopefully whatever direction i decide will be a good one! Also, I am doing a little sculpting on the side, while playing with the idea of making bowls! We will see where my new ideas carry me! Oh yeah, I am also working on building a website! Using OtherPeoplesPixels! its a cool site, I hope to have images put up and get it online as soon as I can! I will post more on that when I get things up and going! I am really going to try to visit my blog and update it as much as I can! More to come I promise!

Friday, April 1, 2011

question about installing new elemets in a Skutt electric 1027 kiln

what happens if you put two top elements on the top section (instead of the recommended one top and one center), two center elements in the center section (which is recommended), and two bottom elements on the bottom section (instead of the recommended one center and one bottom element), which is to say you have one extra top element and one extra bottom element, both of which should have been center elements for a total of 4 top/bottom elements and only 2 center elements. I'm tongue tied and pass this riddle onto you guys.