Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finishing things up

   Tonight I have been glazing trying to finish up some pieces that are going to go into the craft shop, I finally finished glazing them!!! YAY! I have also been painting a small shelve unit that my mom bought for display purposes. I am going to use it at the craft shop to display my small ingredient bowls. I went down to the craft shop today to see about setting it up and the bowls would not stay up, so I brought the whole thing home and glued down some thin strips of wood and guess what that fixed it, so now I am painting the shelves and will take it back down to the shop tomorrow and set up my ingredient bowl display(I will take pictures once I have it set up).
     On my way back from the craft shop this evening I was thinking about making more ingredient bowls, like with skulls in them and birds, then I had the thought to use this decals transfer paper behind the bird image!

Perhaps trying something like this only on a smaller surface and with a bird thrown in! It's just something is on my mind I suppose. 
I will post more pictures of completed work for the studio tour exhibit and pictures of finished vases when they come out of the kiln on Friday!
    Once again I would like to thank you for reading and as always stay tuned! 

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