Sunday, May 5, 2013

New works, same directions!

Hello readers!!
   It makes me happy to know that people are actually reading my blog! And for that I thank you! When I first Started blogging, I was kind of scared when I saw that people were reading what I was writing!
   Anywhoo, I pulled work out of the kiln on Friday morning! I was as you know getting ready for the Studio Tour exhibit, which you will be happy to know I got my work in on time!! So, I pulled work out of the kiln at around 7 or so in the morning, and I was overcome with joy! The work that I had in the kiln came out perfectly!! I was smiling for hours afterwords. While I had a lot of gluing to do I was still really happy!
This is one of the jems that came out of the kiln the other day. Along with two domed vases at the top! I added the knotted balls of clay. 
These little babies also came out the kiln! They are so freaking cute!!! The inside is a really deep yellow, they should look really nice with flowers in them! 
This piece is the biggest wall platter I think I will ever make! I would like to make another one at another time. I might not have one in time for this upcoming Studio Tour, perhaps December!? We will see. 
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  And as always thank you for reading and stay tuned!  

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