Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New work!

Hello!!! I just unloaded the kiln and pulled some fantastic pieces out of the kiln. They are still so hot they are pinging away! every time one of them pings it scares me, I keep thinking that.... never mind don't jinx it! Anyways here are some pictures of what came out of the kiln! I prayed to the kiln Gods for a perfect outcome. Thank you kiln Gods!!!
I was going to put faces on top of these, glad I have since deiced against that one!! A lot of work wen into these. 
I think I am going to keep this one! It's my favorite!! 

Details of the three. 
This is the large platter that I have been working on! I am going to glue flowers onto parts of the hair.  
Bird vase series that I am working on!!! Stay tuned with these! Glazing them today! I am really excited about these. 

Anyways, I guess I am just really really really excited about the new work that came out of the kiln tonight! I am going to fire again later today. The vases are going into the craft shop which opens Friday! As for the others I am delivering them to TRAC on Wednesday.The pieces that are going to TRAC are going to be part of the studio tour exhibit. I will post pictures of bowls and the finished vases on Wednesday! 
Stay tuned! and thank you for reading. 

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