Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work that's heading in a new direction

Lately I seem to be thinking about how to be more original in my newest body of work! So I made these lovely little cups! I am calling them barrel cups, in that they somewhat resemble a barrel on the bottom. I really like the scratching on part of the cup and the leaf pattern on another and the black and white design on the other side! I don't really know where I am going to go with these, but hopefully whatever direction i decide will be a good one! Also, I am doing a little sculpting on the side, while playing with the idea of making bowls! We will see where my new ideas carry me! Oh yeah, I am also working on building a website! Using OtherPeoplesPixels! its a cool site, I hope to have images put up and get it online as soon as I can! I will post more on that when I get things up and going! I am really going to try to visit my blog and update it as much as I can! More to come I promise!

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