Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seeing Circles with colors

I have been working on this bowl, that I added circles to, using a transfer technique. I've been working on it for several days now, and I just can't seem to stop working on it! I added the circles and started adding color to them almost right away, at first I was only going to use three colors but, when I knew that wasn't going to work, I ended up using five or six colors. The bowl has a small hole in the middle where a ball is going to sit, the ball has a black and white design on both sides as well as color to both sides. The background is black which I'm hoping will make the colors really pop! While the bottom has a flower pattern on it, surrounded by a black outline. The color around everything is going to be red. Today I started carving the design on the bottom, I also added a black ring around the bottom of the stand that is holding the whole bowl up, that part I plan on also carving vertical lines. I am hoping to have some of these finished and ready in time for Studio Tour. I will post more pictures once this piece is finished!

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